MotoXpro bike hire service. 



Motocross can be a dangerous sport.  We endeavour to ensure our clients safety.  It is very important that you are open and honest about your level of riding ability. Your ability on a motocross bike will proabably not be the same as on a road bike.  Please tell us about your experience riding off road motorcycles.  If you have never ridden before, we can teach you, which is an additional cost,  but it is unlikely we would hire a bike out to you if your level of riding is not good enough to ensure your safety and the safety of other riders.   If we feel you have not been honest with us and you are not able to ride a motocross bike at all, we reserve the right to cancel your riding with MotoXpro and you will forfeit any money you have paid us or the track directly.  We really really want you to enjoy this fantastic sport, but we want you to do it safely.  We want you to be able to leave us injury free with a smile on your face.